Ghost of Theatr Colwyn



Phil Batty, Theatre Manager, for many years was always a little wary when turning the lights off backstage and locking up. No, he is not afraid of the dark but was not sure about who else was there each night! Once, on a late night alarm call out, he trotted down the stairs towards the box office door and just as he opened it Phil heard someone else trotting down the stairs after him. Phil, who is quite calm and not easily flustered, locked himself in the box office and was on the phone to the police within seconds. Having now turned the lights on and realising that he was on the inside and could not get out, as the door was locked and the shutter down, he expected to see the someone who may have broken in, set the alarm off and followed him down the stairs but no, there was no sign of anyone! When the Police came and they checked the building there was no sign of a break in and all the doors were secure.

One of the most talked about ghostly happenings was during Wind In The Willows. Most of the cast and a few crew congregated in the band room for their cup of tea during the interval. This particular interval one of the children in the show came in and was saying how old the theatre was and not very nice and running the place down. As she was saying this the monitor speaker jumped off the wall and landed on the floor. Now when something drops off the wall it falls vertical but this jumped off the wall horizontal and landed on the other side of the room!

The “ghost” is thought to be a certain Mr Stanley Ravenscroft who ran the theatre very successfully in the mid 30’s to mid 50’s when it was called “The New Rialto Repertory Theatre”. Do not be alarmed because the staff reckon that “Stanley” is looking after the place out of hours! And yes occasionally things will move from one place to another without the aid of, well, anyone! Just remember, if you’re going to be detrimental about the theatre – better do it very quietly ………………ssshhh!

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