Time Capsule



(written by Arthur Creber, Theatr Colwyn Volunteer)

“The time capsule idea emerged through the work of the Colwyn Bay Heritage Group with which I am involved. At the time the Group was promoting a number of intergenerational heritage discussion meetings across the town involving students from Eirias Park School (5th and 6th forms) and older people.  The meetings were held in the Bay Learning Centre and involved both old and young in conversations and presentations about the past, present and future of the town. It was during the preparation for these discussions that a number of the students approached the group suggesting the development of a time capsule.

The heritage group responded enthusiastically to the idea and agreed to sponsor the initiative. Whilst they were happy for the students to research the idea and prepare items for the container they felt it should be a 'professional job' with a commercially sourced and appropriately sealed container. With help of Helen Jackson, from Communities First, who was facilitating the heritage group at the time the students canvassed ideas for items and, once a list had been agreed and items obtained sealed them in vacuum packed bags, as recommended by the County Archivist’s department and placed them in the container.

The items included copies of the Pioneer and Daily Post, Theatr Colwyn posters and show programmes - including one for the Pantomime, photographs of the town taken by the students and others and items typical of the present day like current mobile phones and an MP3 players, toys and souvenirs relating to popular films like Shrek and a taped message of greeting to those who will open the capsule. It is due to be opened in December 2061.  Details are engraved on the capsule itself and on a slate plaque in the window indicating its placement in Theatr Colwyn.

The Heritage Group’s website address is: http://www.colwynbayheritage.co.uk


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